Unbelievable Jim Dandy

Publisher: Lev Gleason
Publication Dates: May 1956 – September 1956
Number of Issues Published: 3 (#1 – #3)
Color: color
Dimensions: standard Silver Age US
Paper Stock: glossy cover; newsprint interior
Binding: saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: was ongoing series
Publication Type: magazine

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

What do you do when you’re a successful, popular writer and editor of exciting crime comics, and then suddenly the industry yanks the rug right from under your feet and says “no more crime comics”? What DO YOU DO?

Well, if you’re Charles Biro, creator of the original Daredevil (the one that fought Hitler), Airboy, Crimebuster, and one of the most successful comic books of the 1950s, which was titled “Crime Does Not Pay” and was completely run out of business by the introduction of the Comics Code, what you do is quit comic books entirely. But before you do, you give the safe, crime-free, post-Code comic world one more shot with your most unbelievable character yet – Jim Dandy!



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