Sweetie Pie

1956 Series

Publisher: Farrell
Publication Dates: December 1955 – May 1956
Number of Issues Published: 2 (#1 – #2)
Color: color
Dimensions: standard silver age US
Paper Stock: glossy covers, newsprint interior
Binding: saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: was ongoing

Based upon newspaper strip by Nadine Seltzer; with contemporary black and white paperback compilations (Berkley Books, 1955) and (Berkley Books, 1957); continued as a comic book, Sweetie Pie (Pines, 1957 Series) #15

see also Four Color (Dell, 1942 series) #1185 (May-July 1961) and #1242 (November-January 1961/62) featuring Sweetie Pie.

1957 Series

Publisher: Pines
Publication Date: Fall 1957
Number of Issues Published: 1
Color: color
Dimensions: standard Silver Age US
Paper Stock: newsprint
Binding: saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: was ongoing
Publication Type: magazine

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Sweetie Pie was created by cartoonist Nadine Seltzer, who isn’t known for other work in the field. She was a typical kid with typical parents, except that when Dad joked about how nice it would be to send her far, far away, one got an impression he meant it. He wasn’t the only one, either. Her teacher, Miss Fossle, wouldn’t have minded sending her in particular, of all the kids in her class, far away. Her dog, Schultz, didn’t express himself on the subject.

Sweetie Pie was apparently her actual name, not just a term of endearment she was called. Not only authority figures like Mom, Dad and Miss Fossle called her that, but also contemporaries like her pal Lester and the school bully Gas House did too.

FCC 1185 1,2,15


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