Raggedy Ann

And Andy

1946 Series

Publisher: Dell
Publication Dates: June 1946 – August 1949
Number of Issues Published: 39 (#1 – #39)
Color: Full Color
Dimensions: Standard Golden Age U.S.
Paper Stock: Glossy cover (#22-23, 26-39); Matte Cover (#1-21, 24-25); Newsprint Interior
Binding: Saddle-Stitched
Publishing Format: Was ongoing
Publication Type: magazine

1971 Series

Publisher: Western
Publication Dates: December 1971 – September 1973
Number of Issues Published: 6 (#1 – #6)
Color: Color
Dimensions: Standard Modern Age US
Paper Stock: Glossy cover; Newsprint interior
Binding: Saddle-stitched
Publishing Format: Was ongoing

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Raggedy Ann is a fictional character created by John Barton “Johnny” Gruelle (1880 – 1938), a comic strip writer and artist. He had achieved some fame for the comic strip “Mr. Twee Deedle” (1911 – 1914). But there was a problem at home by 1914. His daughter Marcella Gruelle (1902 – 1915) had grown increasingly sick after receiving smallpox vaccination at school. What went wrong is uncertain. The Gruelles believed it was an aftereffect of the vaccination and would become active in the anti-vaccination movement in later years. Defenders of the vaccination system suggested the problem was caused by a congenital heart defect and the vaccination incident was irrelevant. Whatever the true cause of the health problems was, Johnny was searching for ways to cheer up his daughter during her expected recovery period. Retrieving “a dusty, faceless rag doll” once belonging to his parents from the attic, Johnny painted a new face for it and offered it to Marcella.

Dell Comics also licensed the character for comic book appearances. She first appeared in ” New Funnies” #65-111 (July, 1942 – May, 1946). She also appeared in some issues of Four Color Comics. She was granted her own series in 1946. It lasted to 1955 and was accompanied by a number of specials. Dell revived her series from 1964 to 1966. Gold Key published reprints of the series from 1971 to 1973. Making Ann a much more enduring character in comic books than she ever was in animation. ‘

Dell 1,7-11


Dell 12-16


Dell 17-20,25


Dell 26-31


Dell 32-39


Gold Key 1-6 Camel with the wrinkled knees


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