Poppo of the Popcorn Theater

Publisher: Fuller
Publication Dates: October 29, 1955 – [January 28, 1956]
Number of Issues Published: 13 (#v1#1 – #v1#13)
Color: Color
Dimensions: Standard Golden Age U.S.
Publishing Format: Was Ongoing Series

Weekly color series for grocery stores.
Contents created and produced by Charles Biro.

Information thanks to the Grand Comics Database

Poppo, a life-long circus clown, has traveled the world bringing joy to kids of all ages. Now that he’s retired, he’s content to entertain his friends with puppet shows at his own theater. Poppo also appeared on television for a time in the 1950’s, in a weekly one-hour variety and cartoon show. Besides detailing Poppo’s many adventures, this comic also features puzzles, fun circus facts, and the secrets of simple magic tricks.

This thirteen issue series was written and drawn by the legendary Charles Biro, a far cry from the vivid and often gruesome artwork he produced for comics like Crime Does not Pay and Boy Comics.





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