Welcome on this blog full of information about Family, fun, educational and sportscomics and offcourse the comics themselves.

The focus will be on the period 1940-1990 with some 90’s.

You can access the information and comics through the sidebar.
Just click the covers or the titles.

The comics are in packages, inside these packages you will find the comics in cbr/cbz format.

You can view the comics with any cbr-reader like CDisplay or ComicRack.

I did not scan the comics myself only collect them from various sites on the internet, internet archive, Usenet Newsgroups and torrents.
So thanks to all the scanners and uploaders.

This blog is purely ment to preserve the comics and to enjoy them, no financial meanings are involved, if you like the comics buy them as long as they are availabe, because nothing can beat the feeling of reading a real comic.

If you find something wrong (downloads, numbering, information) please let me know so that i can correct the error.

Thanks to the following sites for information :

Grand Comics Database

Don Markstein’s Toonopedia


13 thoughts on “Home

  1. When I clicked on Spooky, and a few of the others, the links took me to a screen that said, “Sorry, we could not resolve the url.”


    1. I am still working on it, i am as far as R alphabetical in Various, next one will be those starting with S and that is scheduled for today.


  2. I’ve completed all posts today, so all links must be working.
    Enjoy the comics, there will be a first update somewhere next month if all goes as planned.


  3. You never cease to amaze me! Thank you so so much for what you are doing.
    I admit a big smile crossed my face when I saw the ‘Hot Stuff’ comics on here, it brought
    back memories of trips to Bolton where a newsagent actually had a comic rack.
    The Harvey comics were a big part of my childhood. Thanks once again.


  4. UPDATE 18-11-2019

    Adventures of the Big Boy (2)
    Adventures of TinTin (12)
    Baby Huey (2)
    Barnyard Comics (1)
    Brute Force (4) – New Title
    Classics Illustrated jr. (4)
    Conservation Corps (3) – New Title
    Cosmo the Merry Martian (6) – New Title
    Happy Comics (3)
    Herbie the fat fury (22)
    Joker Comics (29) – New Title
    Krazy Komics (15) – New Title
    Leading Screen Comics (15)
    Little Aspirin (2)
    Little Audrey (16)
    Little Dot (16)
    Little Lotta (10)
    Paul Terry’s Comics (5)
    Peter Panda (19)
    Peter Rabbit (1)
    Power Pack (62) – New Title
    Princess Sally (3) – New Title
    Punch and Judy (1)
    Ribtickler (1)
    Sonic the Hedgehog (14) – New Title
    Speed Buggy (1)
    Super Mario Bros (4)
    Supermouse (1)
    Tales calculated to drive you bats (7) – New Title
    Talespin (11) – New Title
    Terry-Toons Comics 11)
    Timmy the timid ghost (7)
    Tinkle (14)

    26 issues in Various

    2 issues in Various Education


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